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Thinking of Buying a House in Kota Warisan? Here is A Guide for First-time Homeowners

Buying a property takes into account many factors, especially with costs. But as a first-time buyer of new property, you might want to understand beyond the areas of house hunting and instead, get acquainted with these tips that we are about to share.

So, here are some helpful tips to take note of before you go and buy that house for sale in Kota Warisan.

The Costs Associated with Buying a Kota Warisan Property

There are various costs involved in the process of buying a home or that Kota Warisan Sepang house for sale. These are some quick must-knows about what costs are involved before you buy a Kota Warisan new property.

First, the most important one is the down payment which you need to be ready for. This is usually at 10%, if you are taking a 90% home loan. A down payment is basically the remainder of the Kota Warisan property price that is not financed by your housing loan.

On top of that, there are other costs such as the legal fees which can be up to 1% for the first RM500,000. Additionally, the stamp duty for the loan agreement is usually less than RM100, as well as bank processing loan fees, disbursements fees, and government tax. If you’re worried about the costs, luckily, there are homeownership schemes that aim to alleviate the stress of housing costs.

One of them is Mah Sing SECURED campaign which includes incentives including a fixed interest rate from 3.55%, an attractive package, additional rewards and more.

Affordable Options Besides a Kota Warisan New Property

But besides Kota Warisan in Sepang, it is worth checking out other areas in the state such as Salak Tinggi. Salak Tinggi is home to M Senyum which offers an affordable price point from RM450,000 for new houses.

There could also be affordable Kota Warisan houses for sale but you also have to consider the age of the property. Older properties are likely to require extra costs such as renovation and maintenance which could fetch a high cost added to the bill of buying a Kota Warisan property.

This is why M Senyum is a township you should be looking into because it offers new homes that are affordably priced. Together with the home ownership scheme, you could potentially enjoy savings.

Choose a Trusted Developer Before You Buy a Kota Warisan Property

Kota Warisan property is not just about the home, but it is also about its bones - how was it built? What materials were used? These questions all boil down to the developer. This is why it’s very important to take a look at the developer and find out if it is one you can trust.

M Senyum in Salak Tinggi is developed by Mah Sing Group, Malaysia’s top property developer. They are known for winning awards, as well as building great houses with attractive packages.

View M Senyum in Salak Tinggi Over a Kota Warisan New Project

A 100-acre landed residential Mah Sing Group development of two-storey terrace homes, M Senyum residents have many perks. The homes are built with open layouts within a tranquil, lush green garden that surrounds the township for peaceful modern living.

M Senyum currently has three housing types that you can register your interest for which are Camellia, Camellia 2, and Rosalia. Camellia consists of two-storey terrace homes measuring 20’ x 60', while Camellia 2 also has two-storey terrace homes measuring 20’ x 65 and 20’ x 70’. However, both phases for Camellia are sold out.

On the other hand, Rosalia, which offers two-storey homes that measure 20’ x 70’, is open for registration.

The location itself is quite desirable as there are nearby public transportation options of Salak Tinggi ERL Station and KLIA ERL Station. Shopping for your daily groceries is also not a problem as plenty of shopping malls are nearby including Mesa Mall, Giant Superstore Nilai, Lotus’s Putra Nilai, AEON Nilai, KIPMall Kota Warisan, and Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA.

The ELITE Highway, North-South Expressway, Putrajaya-Cyberjaya Expressway, Jalan Banting-KLIA, and KLIA Expressway are also connected to the area.

So, besides looking for a Kota Warisan Sepang new project, register your interest for M Senyum too!

All art renderings and photographs contained in this circular are artist's impression only. The Developer reserves the right to modify any part of parts of the building prior to completion as directed or approved by the architects and/or the relevant authorities. All plans, layout, information and specifications are subject to change and cannot form part of an offer or contract presentation.